The Developers of THE CLUB at Bay Harbor.

In the last twenty years, the Blue Road team, led by Jorge Savloff and Marcelo Tenenbaum, has developed over thirty distinctive properties in South America and Florida. More than half of them are located in South Florida. Developers BH society is created by Blue Road for the project THE CLUB, with its own offices in Bay Harbour Island.

Their formula is simple: they associate with their clients to find the best properties and the best deals on the market. Thanks to its strong relationships with local and international developers, BH Developers serves both individual investors and companies interested in commercial real estate. With services in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, BH Developers created an international network of investors in the United States, Latin America and Europe. The company combines the personalized services of an exclusive real-estate company, with the scope of a multinational corporation.

Why invest in South Florida? Growth in South Florida shows no signs of stopping. Its immigration rate is the highest in the country.

On the other hand, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are international ports, extremely organized cities and not to mention beautiful destinations. Due to that, foreign investment continues to grow and maintain the real-estate market of South Florida, in particular Miami, full of opportunities.

THE CLUB is the latest development in the company's distinguished portfolio.

BH Developers

“The Club is a unique paradise in the coveted location of Bay Harbor Islands. Its ample spaces, cutting edge amenities, and expansive views of Biscayne Bay make it a great place to live and invest.”

Marcelo Tenenbaum